Monday, January 13, 2014

Horizon 2020 is on!

Horizon2020 (H2020), the EU’s new research and innovation framework programme has been launched.

The first Call was published on 11 December 2013. ICT-related topics are covered in various challenges of the work programme 2014 - 15 and include specific objectives in the area of Future Internet, including support for Web entrepreneurs (specific challenge ICT13).

You are very welcome to register for our first Horizon 2020 - Call 1 Information Day and Networking event for ‘Future Internet’ 31 January 2014, Brussels, the session track on Net innovation / web entrepreneurship.

During this event you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental changes from FP7 to H2020 and explore new opportunities arising from it.
  • Learn more about this first open call for proposals in the field of Web entrepreneurship, part of the “Future Internet” area of the LEIT (‘Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies’) pillar.
  • Network and discover potential partners to form a consortium.
  • Present your ideas, discuss them with others.

The specific funding under ICT 13 web entrepreneurship is dedicated to the provision of new cross-border services which would support web entrepreneurs, by connecting existing local web entrepreneurship ecosystems and hubs. Examples of such services include linking potential web entrepreneurs with key actors (e.g. mentors, located anywhere in Europe), linking acceleration programmes from several locations, exposure to new financing opportunities, prizes for innovative web and mobile services and applications, etc. The services should help promising web startups to launch and scale up their operations across Europe (for full text of the Call please see ICT-13-2014 ).

Detailed information and the registration link are available here:

Places are limited and will be attributed on a first come, first served basis.

For any questions please contact us via:

Friday, December 20, 2013

Success for the Conference “Coworking Europe, an Alternative Way of Operating for SMEs and Entrepreneurs”

As expected, the Coworking Conference took place the 4th of December 2013 at the European Parliament in Brussels. As a reminder, the conference was organized by the SME Europe of the European People’s Party with the support of Startup Europe HQ.

Policy makers, members of the Coworking communities and different players from the main european web ecosystems gathered to listen to our panel of experts.

The organizers offered the audience the most ecclectic and representative panel of large and smaller coworking spaces aside some european expert to give you a broad insight of the european landscape.

The Commissioner Neelie Kroes in charge of the Digital Agenda and Vice-President of the European Commission welcomed the Conference and embraced the Coworking Spaces under the Startup Europe initiative in a long and thorough video message.


A discussion took place to better understand the phenomenon of coworking space, what the european institutions can do to help, and how to distinguish coworking spaces from classical business centers.

The event was the occasion to offiicially launch the Startup Europe Coworking space assembly by its members and discover their mission to connect the european coworking spaces, share best practices and act as an official association to represent their interests.

The speakers were the following (Source : SME Europe) :

Jean Yves Huwart from Coworkingnet gave a definition of coworking in general, shared some data and introduced for the first time to the Startup Europe Coworking Spaces assembly.

Claudio Vandi from Silicon Sentier gave a broader view of what Numa is and the different activities around La Cantine & Silicon Sentier and the place of Coworking in all this.

Christoph Fahle presented the activities around Betahaus in Berlin, one of the most famous creative coworking space in Europe. According to him, SMEs need the elimination of barriers for creating coworking spaces.

Panni Klementz from LOFFICE in Budapest and Vienna shared her experience and best professional practices. She said that Coworking centers are perfect places for start-ups of since it is giving possibilities of easy networking. The contact to local authorities is highly important as they should help start-ups in their establishing process.

Ramon Suarez gave an insight on his coworking activities in Betacowork Coworking Brussels. While speaking about the challenges and growth of starting enterpreneurs, he stated that co-workers need a closer contact and cooperation with administration and decision makers as well as understanding which levels of administration are the contact points to decision makers.

 More info on the SME Europe website

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Coworking Handbook - Check it out

The Coworking Handbook is a practical guide to open, grow, and  manage a successful coworking space. It responds to essential questions like:

  • Are you opening a new coworking space and need help activating the community?
  • Are you starting to plan your business and don’t know where to start or what to look for?
  • Do you want to know if your collaborative working business can be profitable and sustainable over time?
  • Do you need to get your marketing going and don’t know where to start?
  • Sales are not where you would want them to be after weeks of running the space?
  • Are you looking to go beyond the theory and philosophy of coworking?
  • Do you want to put coworking into practice?

More info here

Startup Europe Coworking Conference, Brussels: some pictures

Check out some pictures of yesterday’s Startup Europe HQ Coworking Spaces conference at the European Parliament.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Say hello to, a new blog about European tech stories!, established by former European editor of The Next Web Robin Wauters and a founding team, will seek to cover startup businesses, emerging markets and wider developments in the European tech industry beyond the “major hubs such as London, Berlin, Paris, Helsinki, Stockholm and Tel Aviv”.

"Too many great stories are being left untold," wrote Wauters in a blog post accompanying the launch, "and we think the broader, global tech community would benefit if that weren’t the case."

The founding team of six includes Wauters as editor-in-chief, plus a multinational team of journalists, developers, trainers, entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts in founding the site.

Check it out here

Innovators, join the latest European tech challenge!

The Hello TOMORROW Challenge is an ambitious not-for-profit initiative to connect and empower young change-makers in Europe: those who dare to solve today’s problems through science and technology.

to reduce energy consumption, robots for long-distance surgery…

The challenge is calling for the most creative European minds to compete in 5 tech tracks that will shape our TOMORROW: Bio & Med Tech, Energy, Big Data, Hardware & Robotics, IT & Com.

With more than 400K€ in prizes, and nothing less than100K€ cash for the grand winner, this unique combination of mentoring and competition will help the young “scientrepreneurs” make TOMORROW brighter by boosting their commercial growth and shortening the time-to-market of their disruptive products. 

More info on their website

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Our second Newsletter is out!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Are you an Accelerator? Have you already joined the assembly?

Startup Europe’s Accelerator Assembly is the network for  startup accelerator programmes in Europe. 

Born out of the European Commission’s leadership towards supporting web entrepreneurs, Accelerator Assembly is a key part of the EU initiative called Startup Europe.

The Accelerator Assembly is an industry-led network, delivered by Bethnal Green Ventures, Seedcamp, Seed-DB and Startup Weekend, with the support of Nesta, How to Web and Techstars London.

More info on their website

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New funding opportunity from the EU - Startup Europe Initiatives


This objective calls for projects to create an environment in Europe that encourages more web entrepreneurs to start a business in Europe and scale it up. The focus of this topic is on entrepreneurs who use web and mobile technologies as main components in their innovation with a positive impact across the continuum of actors for entrepreneurship.

The forthcoming €10M funding will be allocated to projects to accelerate web entrepreneurship in Europe by using new cross-border services co-developed by several local web entrepreneurship ecosystems and hubs working together. Coordination activities to strength the environment for web entrepreneurship in Europe and that exploit synergies across stakeholder communities will also be funded.

The expected impact is to support the emergence of dynamic European ecosystems for web entrepreneurs that also contribute to shaping future web entrepreneurship specific policies, in particular for the implementation of Startup Europe EU initiative.

All the info here

Monday, November 18, 2013

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